I have been interested in photography since high school (a long time ago). A friend showed me how to develop black and white film and make prints. It was magic seeing the pictures appear on the paper in the dark room. I still remembers seeing that first image and the excitement that went with it. Today, the excitement comes much faster when the image shows on the back of the camera. It is still a magical process to me. The equipment has improved and makes it much easier to take photographs. It is still up to the photographer to select the subject and viewpoint that makes a good photograph.

I like both fine art and travel photography. The effort to find an excellent subject and a great viewpoint is rewarded in the fine art image you create. It takes a desire to get it right and a passion to make it reflect your vision.

Travel photography often involves constraints that limit you. Time is often limited by the need to stick to a schedule. And the view through bus and boat windows are not usually great. But the photos can bring back memories and make you visit again in your mind.

These images represent some of the pictures that I have taken in my photographic pursuits. Several other photographers have influenced my learning. Three of them are Joe Englander, Carol Leigh and Alison Shaw.

Rich Baker